Interactive timeline of the democratic transition and security sector reform in Tunisia

DCAF launches an interactive timeline on the democratic transition in Tunisia. The timeline documents over 425 events since the end of 2010, divided into four parallel processes:

  • political process
  • transitional justice
  • security sector reform
  • security incidents

It provides a comprehensive overview of the progress of governance in the areas of security and justice in Tunisia since the end of 2010 until today. It, therefore, enables:

  • anyone interested to review the key moments of the democratic transition in Tunisia;
  • researchers and stakeholders involved in the security sector reform in Tunisia to better understand the connection between events and processes and to draw lessons for the future.

Each event includes a short description and provides links to the main press reports covering it.    

In developing the interactive timeline, DCAF has tried to be as exhaustive as possible. However, DCAF also invites anyone interested to make proposals for the ongoing development and improvement of the interactive timeline.

The timeline is available in French only.