National Security Strategy of Liberia - 2008

The National Security Strategy comprises a historic overview of security challenges, the popular vision of national security for Liberia, the key security issues threatening that vision and now confronting Liberia, proposals for a redesigned and legally accountable security architecture within which all the security agencies and bodies must operate to address these specific threats, and the legislative reforms required to effect the transformation. In particular, the National Security Strategy focuses on improving coordination and oversight of multi-agency security activities, the statutory instruments governing them, their accountability, sustainability, and resourcing plus their operational efficacy. The underlying tenet of the NSSRL ishuman security for development.  A sustainable, coordinated architecture is the ultimate goal to meet the security needs ofLiberiaand Liberians as articulated in the Security Policy Statement adopted by the Government of Liberia. The NSSRL forms the substance of Pillar One of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), because without security, there can be no lasting development.


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