Podcasts, as a widely accessible communication channel, helps us share our information and knowledge with other people, working on SSR, establishing an active network for meaningful collaboration.

Progress and Challenges to Transition in Afghanistan

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell IV, Commander, NATO Training Mission and Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan, speaking at the Royal United Services Institute.


Rencontres et Profils - La coopération militaire Pays-Bas-Afrique

De la Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, Afrique, un entretien avec LTC Alwin van den Boogaard, 12 janvier 2012.

Lutter contre la pauvreté et contribuer à la pacification du pays, telles sont les idées force de la coopération militaire entre les Pays-Bas et le Burundi. Une mission noble qu’accomplit le lieutenant-colonel Alwin van den Boogaard avec engagement et philosophie. Dans cet entretien, l’officier néerlandais nous parle des actions menées pour renforcer le processus de consolidation de la paix au Burundi.

Photo: Hélène Michaud.


Let the Locals Lead in Security Sector Reform

An audio recording of Dr Laurie Nathan giving a presentation at the UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham, on the importance of the empowerment and leadership of local actors in security sector reform.

The audio recording is also available in a video format.


Women in Defence

A recording from the Royal United Services Institute podcast series, from the RUSI conference on Women in Defence. 30 November 2011. A supporting RUSI video from General Martin Dempsey (Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff)'s speech at the opening dinner of the conference is available on You Tube.


UK JDP 3-40: Security and Stabilisation: The Military Contribution

This audio presentation supports the written version of UK Joint Doctrine Publication 3-40: Security and Stabilisation: The Military Contribution, which is also available to download from the UK Ministry of Defence's website, or through a link in the Resource Library/Publications and Papers.