Community Policing Model in Skopje - From Idea to Reality

This policy paper evaluates the functionality of the community policing model in Macedonia’s capital Skopje by analyzing the structure and the set-up of the community policing practiced in three municipalities: Aerodrom, Cair and Gjorce Petrov. Moreover, it incorporates views from the ground by relying on phone surveys, focus groups and personal interviews, answering the question to what extent community policing is developed in the city of Skopje. More specifically, it endeavors to determine the scale to which the community policing model is developed. This involves identifying aspects such as: whether the police have embraced new management procedures; introduced training structures for communityoriented policing; adopted changes to the organizational structure of the police forces, and; to what extend police/community partnerships have been established. It also examines the methods and tools the police employ to approach the communities they serve.

Full paper: Community Policing Model in Skopje - From Idea to Reality 


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