The Role of Disarmament, Demobilisation & Reintegration in Countering Violent Extremism

Following the publication of his own reading list on DDR, De-radicalisation and Countering Violent Extremism, Dean Piedmont authored the third Centre for Security Governance SSR 2.0 Brief on "The Role of Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration in Countering Violent Extremism". He argues that there is no policy guidance to address the DDR-CVE nexus. As this brief shows, there is a need for a new, innovative policy framework for DDR that better equips the concept to address the DDR-CVE challenge. A paradigm shift in policy is needed to reframe DDR as a conflict-prevention measure, rather than merely a post-conflict peacebuilding tool. 

You can access the brief and its abstract here.

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