Thematic Evaluation of European Commission - Support to Justice and Security System Reform

This evaluation was commissioned by the Joint Evaluation Unit in DG DEVCO on behalf  of the European Commission. It provides an independent assessment of the Commission’s past support to Justice and Security System Reform (JSSR), and  makes recommendations with a view to improving current and future Commission strategies and programmes. The evaluation covers the period 2001-2009 and all regions where the Commission provides JSSR assistance, with the exception of those countries that
fall under the mandate of DG Enlargement. Only those aspects of justice reform which mostly directly fall under Security System Reform, such as strengthening of criminal justice systems and the legal institutions involved in the oversight of security institutions, are considered. The evaluation covers all funds provided by the Commission geographical programmes (EDF, ENPI, DCI) and the thematic budget lines (such as the IfS, EIDHR, NSA), with the exception of humanitarian funds managed by ECHO. This represents a total of €1bn of funds contracted over the evaluation period. An inventory and typology of  these funds is presented in Annex 9 of this report.


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