Thematic Programme - Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Reform 2012-2015

This Thematic Programme (TP) provides the global framework for UNODC’s work in crime prevention and criminal justice reform for the period 2012-2015. As such, the TP will ensure consistency in the UNODC approach to issues in this area, based on the
UNODC Strategic Framework for the period 2012-2013 and the UNODC Strategy 2012-2015 and in line with the relevant UN Conventions and standards and norms on crime prevention and criminal justice reform. The TP outlines the focus areas of UNODC in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice and gives an overview of outcomes to reach agreed objectives, as well as a specific set of indicators. Providing a global framework, the TP integrates the various components of the Office’s mandates and expertise in the areas of advocacy, research, setting norms and providing technical assistance. As such, it reflects the UN Secretary General’s programme of action for the strengthening of the rule of law at the national and international level, as presented to the General Assembly early 2012.

Moreover, for the implementation of this TP, particular attention will be paid to the practical recommendations offered by the World Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security and Development, on how to move beyond conflict and fragility and secure development.

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