Border Management and Gender (Tool 6)

This tool focuses on border management reform and the different ways in which border transactions impact the lives of women, men, boys and girls.

It encompasses the various border control functions – customs, immigration and law enforcement – and demonstrates the operational benefits of ensuring that gender perspectives are included in border management policies, procedures and practices.

The tool includes:

- A conceptual introduction to border management and gender
- An outline of ways in which integrating gender strengthens border management
- Actions to integrate gender into border management
- Examination of specific gender and border management issues in post-conflict, transitional, developing and developed country contexts

See this page for more information on The GSSR Toolkit and the full range of "Tools" and "Practice Notes."

The tool is designed to provide a basic introduction to border management and gender issues for the staff of national governments (including donor countries), as well as for international and regional organizations (such as the UN, OSCE, IOM and EU), responsible for the development of border management policy and programming. Parliamentarians, civil society organisations, academics and researchers working on border management and/or gender issues will also find it useful.

For a 4-page introduction to Border Management and Gender, see the Practice Note 6.

For French, Russian, Arabic, Montenegrin, and Indonesian translations, click here.



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