Private Military and Security Companies and Gender (Tool 10)

This tool addresses the gender aspects and challenges of a relatively new phenomenon: the privatisation of security on a global scale.

So far, reliable research data is scarce. Moreover, much of the relevant information, such as companies’ standard operating procedures as well as the contents of most of their contracts, is strictly confidential. However, this must not lead to complacency. In order to ensure the effectiveness and long-term success of security sector reform (SSR) involving Private Security Companies (PSCs) and Private Military Companies (PMCs) it is indispensable to integrate gender aspects into all operations.

The tool includes:

- An introduction to PMSCs and their increasing role as part of the security sector
- The rationale for why integrating gender strengthens PMSCs
- Practical actions to integrate gender into PMSCs and their operations
- An overview of particular gender and PMSC issues in post-conflict, transitional, developing and developed country contexts

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For a 4-page introduction to Private Military and Security Companies and Gender, see the Practice Note 10.

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