Security Sector Reform Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation and Gender (Tool 11)

This tool explores two dimensions of gender-responsive assessments, monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

First, the tool looks at existing SSR assessment frameworks, monitoring and evaluation strategies, and how to include a gender perspective in the different tools and approaches.

The tool also discusses gender mainstreaming initiatives in security sector institutions, including how to conduct a gender audit and M&E of gender mainstreaming. Inclusive and participatory processes of data gathering; interdepartmental cooperation and coordination; the collection and use of data disaggregated by sex, age and ethnicity; gender-responsive results-based management; gender-sensitive indicators; and focus group interviews are tools and methods presented and discussed in this publication.

The tool includes:

- An introduction to assessment, monitoring and evaluation 
- The rationale behind the inclusion of gender issues and ways in which this can strengthen and enhance assessment, M&E 
- Entry points for incorporating gender into SSR assessment, M&E
- How to conduct gender audits of security sector institutions, as well as monitor and evaluate the impact of gender mainstreaming initiatives

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For a 4-page introduction to SSR Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation and Gender, see the Practice Note 11.

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