Training Resources on Border Management and Gender

The Gender and SSR Training Resource Package is a series of practical training materials to help trainers integrate gender in SSR training, and deliver effective gender training to SSR audiences.
 It is designed for SSR trainers and educators, and gender trainers working with the security sector, to help you present material on gender and SSR in an interesting and interactive manner. The Gender and SSR Training Resource Package contains a wide range of exercises, discussion topics and examples from the ground that you can adapt and integrate into your SSR or gender training.
A gender-responsive border management reform process seeks to:

» Strengthen the protection of human rights for all by addressing the specific insecurities of men, women, girls and boys at borders,
» Improve prevention and detection of and responses to human trafficking and smuggling,
» Create more representative border institutions by promoting the participation of women,
» Enhance local ownership of border management processes by improving oversight and collaboration with civil society.

Editor(s): Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek

DCAF 2010