What does a principle look like on the ground, how do you try to replicate it in a different environment? Explore the material gathered here under each principle or characteristic to see how others have implemented what has become good practice. View lessons and case studies, access videos and further resources. Currently available:

Case Studies offer detailed examination of Security and Justice Sector Reform issues, as applied to context-specific conditions. These case studies focus both on outcomes resulting from ISSAT Mandates and projects, as well as research and investigations undertaken by a range of other organisations.

The majority of case studies are short, outlining context, entry points, lessons and further resources. 

There are also two in depth case studies on the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (ZPSP) and Nigeria Justice for All Programme

Security Sector Reform is a constantly changing domain. The complexity of the field, and the difficulty in achieving successful reforms, make it hard to clearly identify how SSR is changing: what have we learnt, what are the trends in implementation, and what challenges remain? 

This tool is an attempt to synthesize, document and collate some of the existing knowledge base on SSR. It is organised around four phases of aid delivery: policy, design, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation. 

The tool is currently available as a series of 4 presentations built with Prezi. These correspond to the following modules: Policy, Programme Design, Programme Implementation, and Monitoring and Evaluation.