Introduction to SSR Cameroon

14/05/2018 - 18/05/2018

Target country


The project consists of the establishment of two training courses, a non-profit course on the basis of the SSR Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Cameroon (Yolande), one for the benefit of EIFORCES and the other for the benefit of EIFORCES. of the ESIG, hereinafter referred to as "internships", funded and led by DCSD, and implemented by DCAF.

Mandate outputs / products

The following list outlines some topics that were covered during the course:
- Introduction to the concept of SSR and the evolution of international SSR approaches and policy frameworks;
- SSR applied to operational decision-making;
- The scope of the security sector;
- the gender dimension in the SSR;
- SSR programming in post-conflict contexts;
- The role of non-state actors in SSR;
- The challenge of coordination in SSR programs.

Outcome objectives of mandate

At the end of the course, participants were expected to be able to:

- Demonstrate a better understanding of the concept of SSR, as well as its actors, evolutions and principles;

- understand the political nature of SSR and the challenges faced in setting up SSR processes in fragile or conflict-affected states

- Use concrete lessons learned and apply concepts in practice.

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End date



Specific Lessons Identified