SSR & VE course

04/02/2019 - 08/02/2019

Target Country / Organisation

For 2018 it was foreseen to develop and execute the SSR&VE pilot in the Hague.

The prep phase was done, however due to time constraints within ISSAT the pilot foreseen for 2018 was replaced to 4-8 February 2019.

The costs for this pilot were budgeted at around 30.000 for 2018. During a meeting with Victoria Walker the Dutch MFA requested if we could use that amount in 2019 for the pilot, since it was replaced. Ms. Walker shared with us that this is possible if we write up this new mandate.

Mandate outputs / products

SSR&VE pilot in The Hague in 4-8 February 2019 with the budgeted funds for that same course for the year 2018

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

Not applicable

Start date


End date



Specific Lessons Identified