Ukraine Security Sector Mapping and Mapping of International Support to Ukraine Security Sector Phase II

05/07/2015 - 14/08/2015

Target country


The Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) requested for ISSAT support in further developing and supplementing the existing mapping of bilateral support to the SSR process, which was completed in June 2015 by ISSAT (see mandate Ukraine Mapping mandate from 01 May 2015). In this regard, ISSAT was requested to expand the mapping to cover additional actors and institutions in the sector, namely multilateral organisations and international/national non-state actors involved in SSR.

In addition, a mapping and synthetization of other SSR assessments was to be concluded. This mapping included a list of ongoing and planned assessments made by the international community (and recently finalized ones) and a summary of the key findings in these assessments.

Finally, ISSAT was requested to support a comprehensive mapping of the Ukrainian security sector. This information will complement the mapping of international initiatives and serve as a basis for the consultations in Ukraine and the final needs assessment of SSR in Ukraine.

ISSAT was requested to support a comprehensive needs-analysis of SSR in Ukraine that is being developed by the Swedish Agencies involved in international support to Security Sector Reform: the FBA, the Swedish Police, the Swedish Prosecution Authority, the Swedish National Courts Administration, the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. The joint analysis was carried out through the Swedish National Contact Group for Security Sector Reform (NCSSR) with shared responsibility in line with respective agencies area of expertise. The needs-analysis was carried out in 3 phases. First, a desk study was performed to map the Ukrainian security sector and all relevant international engagements. Second, consultations in Ukraine were organised to verify and if necessary correct assumptions. A final report was subsequently produced and presented to the Swedish government. This mandate request only covers support to the first phase of the needs-analysis – the desk review. The first phase was expected to be completed by the beginning of August 2015.

The mandate contributed and complemented ongoing assessments and mappings conducted by other ISSAT Governing Board Members. It is noted that parallel processes are also being undertaken by the European Union, Netherlands, and Norway. The process of developing this needs assessment promoted and facilitated more active collaboration, information sharing and improve complementarity of efforts between ISSAT members and the wider international community. In addition, ISSAT was able to draw on the expertise and country experience of DCAF to help complete the mapping and needs-analysis.  

Mandate outputs / products

Report 1: International support to SSR in Ukraine (further expanding the existing mapping report)

  • Mapping of bilateral SRR support to Ukraine;
  • Mapping of multilateral SSR support to Ukraine;
  • Mapping of other forms of support to SSR in Ukraine (including INGO's etc);
  • Mapping of SSR assessments and synthetization of conclusions in these assessments.

Report 2: Mapping of Ukraine's Security Sector.

  • Mapping the structure, institutions and actors within the Ukrainian security sector.

Outcome objectives of mandate

  • To provide Sweden with comprehensive information regarding international involvement and support to SSR in Ukraine;
  • To provide Sweden with comprehensive information regarding Ukraine's security sector;
  • To help facilitate coordination, collaboration and information sharing between ISSAT Governing Board Members on support to Ukraine JSSR processes. 

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Specific Lessons Identified