Peacekeeping in Africa: international norms and pragmatic approaches

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Peacekeeping in Africa is a crucial form of conflict resolution and a feature of international relations. While the UN has traditionally been the main peacekeeping actor in Africa, the African Union (AU) has been playing an increasingly important role in sustaining and fostering peace and security in the continent. Since the early 2000s, the AU has mandated and deployed many peacekeeping missions and Peace Support Operations (PSOs). Building upon its early experiences in Burundi, Sudan and Comoros, nowadays the AU is de facto a key PSO actor in Africa, having developed a comprehensive peace and security architecture to address conflicts in the continent.

The AU is currently developing a new PSO doctrine, which builds upon previous operational experiences and concepts from the African Standby Force (ASF), also informed by the UN. Ultimately, this doctrine aims to bring together the AU experiences and international PSO norms into a codified text, which will provide guidance for all AU PSO policies and deployments.

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