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Policy and Research Papers

Evaluation of The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness

This evaluation focused on implementation of Paris Declaration Principles rather than a specific project or program. The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness was endorsed in 2005 by over 150 countries and organizations including the more developed aid donor counties like the U.S., developing countries from around the world, and international development institutions like the World Bank, the United Nations Development Group, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Paris  Declaration was considered a landmark international agreement and the culmination of several decades of attempts to improve the quality of aid and its impact on development. The Paris Declaration laid out a roadmap of 56 practical commitments. In 2008, the principles were reaffirmed and the Accra Action Agenda added.
The evaluation of The Paris Declaration initially documented how its many principles were being implemented and operationalized; then later assessed results on the ground, in policy development and more broadly. A final report summarized, analyzed, and synthesized more than 50 studies in 21 partner countries and across 18 donor agencies, as well as several studies on special themes.

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