Operationalizing SSG/R’s contribution to conflict prevention

01/01/2020 - 31/12/2022

The direct and indirect contribution of SSG/R to the prevention of violent conflict has been highlighted in nearly all SSR policies; however, the operationalisation of this link into concrete programming is still lacking. ISSAT was requested by its Members to look at operationalising the link between security, justice and governance reform and conflict prevention. ISSAT was mandated to look at the programmatic focus areas, indicators of success and measurement methods, needed to articulate the contribution of its Members' SSG/R programming and conflict prevention. 

Having supported the international community’s SSR programming since 2008, DCAF-ISSAT is uniquely placed to provide practical and operational tools for developing a relevant and practical M&E framework for SSG/R programming, articulating contributions to the prevention agenda.

The list of key SSG/R-prevention indicators will build on existing frameworks and add value by focusing specifically on the security and justice sector. It is going to be a practical M&E tool designed to be used at the programme level, for both country-specific as well as regional projects and programmes. The final product should enable the evaluation of the contribution of SSG/R on the conflict prevention agenda and gather evidence of what works for SSR and prevention

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