Swedish Support to Community Policing in Albania

07/03/2012 - 06/03/2015

Target Country(ies)

The project supports Albanian State Police to enhance their level of cooperation and partnership with the communities and other civilian actors in order to improve the services and increase the feeling of safety in the community. The project is focused primarily into three major components:

  1. Development of a Performance Management System of the police with input from the society groups regarding their level of satisfcation and safety;
  2. Promoting Police partnerships with civilian actors and especially with the youth;
  3. Combatting domestic violence.

In addition, the project is implementing a Small Grants Scheme mainly on partnership building. The project has started implementation in March 2012 and will run until March 2015, with a total funding of about 2,8 Mil. Euros. The implementing agency is SIPU International AB, a Swedish consultancy firm which cooperates closely with the Albanian Ministry of Interior, Albanian State Police and other important stakeholders.  

Target Organisation Type(s)

Police Services

Outcome Objectives

  • A police service that fully embraces the Community Policing philosophy: creating partnerships and synergies between different groups; a robust communication and consultation process as standard; transparency and accountability; and awareness of and use of correct roles and responsibilities, particularly in the areas of youth & police partnerships, and tackling domestic violence;


  • A Community that embraces and supports the new role of the ASP;


  • Expertise developed within the MoI / ASP to continue performance system development efforts and become the leaders in performance management within the region;


Overall improvement in the trends of crimes affecting everyday citizens


PI1.2:  Improvement in the level of crime prevention as well as in the number of  rightfully convicted criminals


PI1.3: Overall improvement in police misbehaviour based on feedback from the Ombudsperson, the Internal Control Office in the MoI

PI2.1: Police Customer Satisfaction Surveys demonstrate that the public and other partners have increased trust in the ASP, including trust in the accuracy of what the ASP is reporting


PI2.2: Increase in the overall level of interactions and activities (partnerships) between individuals and the ASP


PI2.3: ASP improvement in the overall knowledge and understanding of the issues affecting individuals and communities


PI2.4: Increased public knowledge and understanding on the functions and ongoing activities of the ASP and other relevant external oversight actors.

Start Date


End Date



Specific Lessons Identified